I have logged into the website for the first time – what should I do first?
Begin by taking the ‘eSmart quick tour' which is located on the top left panel of this screen. Click on the icon to open the presentation. This will provide you with information regarding the eSmart system and navigating the website.
Should I log out of the website when I've finished a session?
We recommend that you always log out of the website once you have finished working on it.  To do this, click on the words ‘Welcome (username)’ in the top right-hand corner of your screen.  Click on the ‘log out’ option.  You will then be redirected to the login page.
Our contact details have changed.  Do we need to change these on the website?
It is important that your contact details are kept up to date to ensure you don’t miss out on any information from the eSmart team.  In order to change your contact details login to the website and click on ‘Account' from the top navigation bar, find 'Our details' in the left-hand navigation panel, open and update your details. Don't forget to click 'ok' to save.
I don’t have time to complete the self-assessment on the eSmart system tool in one sitting.  Am I able to save it and come back to it later?
You can save your progress through the eSmart system tool at any time and return to it later.  Each time you confirm completion of a domain attribute, your progress is automatically saved.    When you next login to the website you will be able to see a progress matrix.   
How do I move between domains in the eSmart system tool?
You can navigate to other domains from the eSmart system tool Home, where you'll find tabs for each of the six domains.  You can also click on a domain in the wheel diagram.
Can I begin work on any domain, or do I need to start with domain one?
We stongly recommend you begin with domain one as it goes through the steps to establish eSmart within the school and outlines the role of the eSmart committee and eSmart coordinator...all very important first steps to achieving a successful outcome.
Our school has already been working on some of the areas mentioned in the eSmart system tool.  Do I still need to start with the planning phase for each area, or can I go straight to implementing?
When you first use the eSmart system tool you will go through it systematically and confirm if you meet any criteria under the domain attributes for all the six domains. For any domain attribute, start with the planning stage and review the key questions and strategies and look at the supporting resources, tools and case studies.  If you believe your school has already met the criteria for this stage and to the standard suggested by the information provided, then confirm (step 3).  You can then move onto the implementing stage and review in a similar manner. You may find that your school can already confirm it is implementing (or even sustaining) for some of the domain attributes, but still at the planning stage for others.  This initial review provides you with the gap analysis you need to start thinking about what your priorities will be in your eSmart activities.